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Thor Guard - Lightning Prediction and Warning Systems

THOR GUARD offers a variety of products to keep our customers informed and take action against severe weather threats.


Thor Guard - Lightning and Storm Early Warning Prediction System

THOR GUARD offers a variety of products to keep our customers informed and take action against severe weather threats. All ThorGuard Patented Lightning Prediction Technology products have remote controllable voice, strobe lights and audible warning capabilities.

Thor Guard || Products Groups

The THORGUARDIAN is the first, totally integrated advance warning system for lightning. The sensor continuously monitors the atmosphere’s electrostatic energy as far away as 15 miles and evaluates the potential for lightning within an area approximately 2 miles in radius. When the system determines a hazardous condition, the air-horns and strobe light provide necessary alerts. The entire system can be easily installed outdoors as a single unit, or the control box can be located separately.
Continuously Monitors Atmospheric Electrical Activity 15+ miles Can be set to Predict Lightning .5 to 2.5 miles Radially Around your Location Hours of Operation for Horns and Strobes can be Completely Customized Standard AC Powered and Solar Powered Options Available

Onsite Lightning Prediction and Detection - Thor Guard TG360
THOR GUARD's New TG 360 sets an incredible level of prediction And detection technology never seen before combining entirely new detection technology, faster atmospheric data acquisition and proven algorithms for all Storm Predictions. Our team has created a system responding to the demands of our customers. THOR GUARD's most advanced technology ever for those who demand the best!
The TG360 is the world's most advanced Lightning Prediction System while also having the world's fastest onsite lightning detection technology. It all starts with the revolutionary TG360 sensor up on your roof with the best view of your sky. The sensor is made in the USA from UV protected ASA plastic that requires no maintenance and does not rust. The electrostatic atmospheric sampling rate of the TG360 is greater than 170,000 samples per second - combined with the intigrated photocells means the TG360 literally sees in light and energy in every direction. Cat5 Ethernet cable connects the TG360 sensor to the DEHN Lightning Surge Protection Device.
The 5 Port Ubiquiti EdgeRouter is the hub where all the lightning data and Voice of Thor controls pass through. Power over ethernet is sent up to the TG360 and to the Voice of Thor Base System here. This is where the internet is connected as well as the provided laptop running the ThorServer Software.
The preconfigured laptop issued with each system will be running our ThorServer Software. ThorServer is the control center that processes the lightning prediction and detection data from the TG360. This is how your data will get to your ThorTV website for remote viewing and the ThorServer software also assists the Voice of Thor when horns and strobes are to be triggered either manually or automatically. ThorServer also handles your onsite weather station data that comes with each TG360 system. The Guardian Emergency Notification System or GENS is now a component of the TG360 as well residing in the ThorServer software.
User Notifications
After ThorServer has processed all the pertinent TG360 lightning data, the information on your ThorTV site will update every second or so and the Voice of Thor Base System will be notified of the lightning and weather status that will communicate with the Voice of Thor Remote Systems via radio frequency - all of this is done to keep you and the people/property you are trying to protect, safe.
Weather Station
Along with your TG360 Lightning Warning System and Voice of Thor Systems, a Davis Vantage Pro 2 Weather Station will go out with each TG360. This well experienced weather station will be utilized to not only provide rainfall, evapotranspiration rates, wind, temperature and humidity information, but also to calculate Heat Warnings in an effort to make sure all persons, both staff and athletes alike, are safe from Heat Exhaustion.

THOR GUARD's Voice of Thor or VOT lightning alarm system provides a unique aubible warning pattern when the area THOR GUARD is monitoring has become conducive for a lightning strike. Simultaneously during the hazard time, LED strobe lights can be utilized to provide a continued visible notification of the impending hazard. THOR GUARD allows for a base horn and strobes with the remote horns and strobes, either electric or solar powered, being controlled using THOR GUARD’s dedicated RF system. When combined with the Guardian Emergency Notification System, a special 1-minute pattern is generated to provide for any unexpected emergency.
- 6 Horns per Cluster can be Aimed in a Variety of Different Directions
- Hours of Operation for Horns and Strobes can be Completely Customized
- Standard AC Powered and Solar Powered Options Available
- Manual or Automatic Modes

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