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Joslyn Clark Vacuum Contactor and Soft Starter

Joslyn Clark; Vacuum Contactor is on its way to become the world leader in the production of engine control units and fire pumps. Continuous life safety and fire protection standards constantly set the bar at the highest level in the industry.

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While lightning is essential for life as it helps to maintain our planet's electric field, the phenomenon still remains dangerous. Storms containing six to eight million lightning strikes are produced on Earth each day, which can exceed an intensity of 200,000 amps.
Distributed in the United States through more than 270 industrial automation distributors, our Joslyn Clark branded products are a worldwide brand for unrivaled value and excellent customer service.

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Joslyn Clark's Compact CV Series Vacuum Contactors and Starters are ideal for demanding industrial applications. The compact design provides flexibility for retrofitting air-break contactors, allowing an existing application to continue with maintenance cost and eliminate downtime. Voltages ranging from 600V to 1500KV and current ratings up to 600A are available.

Joslyn Clark USAVAC medium voltage vacuum contactors are 3-phase motor contactors manufactured for control and protection in medium voltage applications ranging from 2300V to 7200V. Current values of 200-1200 amperes and motor values up to 7000 HP at 6600V are available.

The Joslyn Clark NEMA contactor line comes with optional vertical or horizontal mounting. These NEMA contactor products are versatile and reliable. Compliant with NEMA compliance, these AC contactor products have an exceptionally long life. In addition, Joslyn Clark AC contactor products are extremely user-friendly. A Joslyn Clark electric motor starter with an AC contactor can be field modified quickly and efficiently to accommodate a change in motor horsepower or control circuitry.

Lightning can cause serious damage to your facilities. Joslyn Clark provides services that allow you to target your controls and, if necessary, confirm or deny that the lighting is at the source of an accident.

The Joslyn Clark PM Family of control relays provides flexibility,versatility and reliability. The exclusive design concept and rugged construction of the PM line offers many advantages for the designer and builder of today's complex control panels.
Push Button
Push buttons are simple switch mechanisms for controlling some aspect of a machine or process. Buttons are usually made of hard material, usually plastic or metal.
Vitrohm pressed steel rheostats provide a simple, accurate and economical method of field control. Adjusting the generator, alternator and exciter field currents to obtain changes in output voltage and adjustable speed D.C. and they are universally applied for field control of synchronous motors. Other typical applications include heater, oven, battery charging and other controls.

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