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Meteorage Lightning Early Warning, Prevention and Reporting

It reliably delivers high-quality information through services tailored to user processes.

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Meteorage Lightning Early Warning || Lightning Prevention || Reporting || Precipitation Warning Systems

While lightning is essential for life as it helps to maintain our planet's electric field, the phenomenon still remains dangerous. Storms containing six to eight million lightning strikes are produced on Earth each day, which can exceed an intensity of 200,000 amps.


Access information about the presence or absence of lightning strikes at a location and date on the map of Turkey to determine if lightning was responsible for the damage - accident. With this service, you can find the coordinate of the lightning in the field, the distance of the effect in kilometers, the direction in degrees, the discharge polarity, the intensity in kiloamperes. For more information, call us and send an e-mail and we will get back to you.

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Lightning can have serious consequences for your facilities and adversely affect the safety of your site, the safety of your employees and the quality of the environment. For these reasons, a number of countries have implemented regulatory obligations and a regulatory framework. Meteorage provides statistics that comply with the requirements of international standards IEC 62305-2 and 62858.

Lightning poses a real danger to your teams, subcontractors and facilities. Meteorage offers lightning risk prevention services that allow you to anticipate and take appropriate action in a timely manner to protect yourself and your business. Our various services are tailored to your field of activity: industrial estates, construction, wind farms, leisure and tourism sectors, event planners, ERP etc.

Storms vary in size and intensity. Meteorage provides services that allow you to assess the severity of the phenomenon, track its progress and predict its movement. Our various services can be tailored to your business: network operators, manufacturers, entertainment, etc.

Lightning can cause serious damage to your facilities. Meteorage offers services that allow you to aim your controls and, if necessary, confirm or deny that the lighting is at the source of an accident.

At each stage of a lightning detection network project, Meteorage offers a tailored solution. Our fine-tuned capabilities in the European market are available to operators through packages and services ranging from after-sales support to operational support.

GLISS is a combination of a worldwide lightning detection network and a service platform. Using the GLD360 worldwide detection network, it allows any user to receive lightning information for his own use and provides data services to key users in his country. It can be used immediately, no investment budget, no installation project, no maintenance. The service is available as an annual subscription at a price that is suitable for real use.

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